About Gymnastips!

Welcome to Gymnastips! The ultimate destination for advice, tips and tricks for gymnastics and surrounding sports.

I’m Ellie, a Level 2 Artistic Gymnastics Coach from the UK. I have been training in gymnastics since the age of four and coaching the sport for ten years. 

As well as gymnastics I have taken part in sports that require similar attributes such as dance and cheerleading. My passion has always been stepping onto the competition floor!

Here on gymnastips I will be providing you with in-depth information and informed buyer’s guides for gymnastics equipment and many other sports alike!


Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Cheerleading is a sport because it involves physical exercise, training, flexibility, and competitiveness. Cheerleaders don’t just cheer for teams but also participate in cheer competitions, …

gymnastics floor routine

10 Top Tips On How To Achieve The Best Gymnastics Floor Routine

For most gymnasts, floor routines tend to be the most enjoyable, personal, aspect of a gymnastics competition. As the longest routine out of all the …


5 Best Parallettes for Gymnastics and Fitness

Quality gymnastics tools are essential for amateur and professional gymnasts seeking to perfect their skills from the comfort of their homes, office, or commercial gym …

toddler trampoline

5 Best Toddler Trampolines and Small Trampolines

A proven way to help toddlers burn energy is to keep them engaged in child-friendly exercise. If you aren’t sure of how to keep your …

Gymnastics Chalk

5 Best Gymnastics Chalk Products For Bars

When it comes to bars, having gymnastics chalk is a vital way to keep hands dry for maximum grip when working skills. In this article …

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